The Thank You Economy

A book I am enjoying lately when I have a moment to read between this assignment and that assignment is Gary Vaynerchuk’s “The Thank You Economy.” I can’t think of better marketing advice for people still wrapping their heads around what social media is, which I should say is still a majority of small business owners and even more corporations than you think.

Vaynerchuk is impressive on a personal level, too having been born in what was then the Soviet Union and what is now Belarus (and hardly wine country) but nonetheless become a top online entrepreneur specializing in wine and a visionary of utilizing social media marketing, which he calls “the humanization of business.”

You can get a taste of what the book has to offer by watching this interview he did a couple months ago on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program.

The book’s official website is here and here is another video of a presentation by Vaynerchuk.