Nathan is an experienced online marketer, website developer and SEO manager. Below is a portfolio of his work:

Website design and development (archived) (archived) (archived)

Social media marketing
@HOTELSmagazine (added more than 14,000 followers from February 2013-September 2014, increasing total to more than 38,000)
@bneIntelliNews (added more than 2,250 followers since June 2014, increasing total followers to more than 3,400)

SEO work resulting in 1st-place or 1st-page SERP for “used office furniture” for “eastern europe business news” for “estate planning south central wisconsin”

Graphic design
Click here to download Nathan’s portfolio of banners ads, landing pages and logos

HOTELS’ Best Social Media Practices Guide

Hotel development in Russia in light of Ukraine crisis for HOTELS’ Investment Outlook
State of U.S. hotel development finance for HOTELS’ Investment Outlook
Revenue management’s evolution for HOTELS Magazine
Cutting-edge trends in hotel website development for HOTELS Magazine
Feature on Myanmar’s hotel market for HOTELS Magazine
Feature on Sri Lanka’s hotel market for HOTELS Magazine
Caribbean hotel development slowly returning for HOTELS Magazine
In-depth report on Latvia’s economic crisis and chances for recovery for Foreign Policy
“Lithuania may end up seeking IMF funds” for The Christian Science Monitor
Profile of Polish ethnic rights activist in Lithuania for Transitions Online
Articles and photo essays for daily news website Baltic Reports
Overview of Latvia’s legal market and how its dealing with crisis for RigaNOW!
Travel article on ice fishing in Lithuania for bthere! Brussels Airlines in-flight magazine
“Hotels in Latvia and Lithuania under threat from VAT hike and slowdown” for RigaNOW!
“Steep tax increase causing problems for Baltic hotel industry and media” for RigaNOW!

Photojournalism of the violent Lithuanian protest for Baltic Times
Chicago icons gallery for Kamberos Associates
Air concert in Vilnius for Baltic Reports
Lithuanian wedding photos for Geidrus Ramaneckas and Raime Ramytė
Photo gallery of available property for Kamberos Associates
Lithuanian birthday party photo essay for Baltic Reports
Vilnius Christmas tree lighting photo essay for the news portal
Travel photography photo essay for Baltic Reports
Travel photography photo essay for Baltic Reports
Rural Lithuania photo essay for Baltic Reports
Vilnius in summer photo essay for Baltic Reports
Anti-gay protest photojournalism for Baltic Reports
Photojournalism of historic Vilnius gay parade for Baltic Reports
Vilnius genocide museum photo essay for Baltic Reports

Radio advertising
A radio advertisement Nathan produced for Sarpino’s Pizza in October 2010 can be heard here.